Antenna Switches

Im currently only using one antenna switch and it’s for HF. The Ameritron RCS-10 and works great, however it’s naming is a little odd. the RCS-10 is an 8 port switch… Not 10.

One thing of note, when the power is disconnected or switched off from the control box, it switches to port 1 automatically. With protecting my radios in mind, I don’t have an antenna hooked up to port 1. So when the power is off, I can at least feel 10% better if bad weather comes there is not an antenna hooked up to that radio.

You can control the remote unit with either 4 or 8 wires. Using the A,B,C terminals and a ground wire works great. Im also using some crappy Cat5 cable and it works fine for my little 100′ run.

Ameritron RCS-10

Ameritron RCS-10 Inside Ameritron RCS-10 Inside

Ameritron RCS-10