OTB – HP 5216A 12.5 MHz Electronic Counter

I picked up an HP 5216A 12.5MHz Electronic Counter from a hamfest recently in Loveland CO. I figured it needed a lot of love, based on it’s condition at time of purchase.  After checking it out, found it had a totally fried resistor in the attenuator section and some very, very dirty switch contacts which impacted the general function and the illumination of the Nixi tubes. Both the wafer switches and the rocker switches on the back were not happy. It was a little grungy externally and had some stickers like most gear does. Cleaned it up and cleaned it out. Seems to work after a little repair and tune up. Setting the Crystal Oscillator was a time consuming chore as the the variable caps are not accessible without taking a cover on and off between adjustments.

HP 5216A

Replaced this dead one with a 1%

HP Quality…

Works great now…. Now what to do with it? Turn it into a clock?

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