Antennas on the roof!

430Mhz 11 element beam (SSB)

142Mhz 4 element beam (SSB)

(2) 2m 70cm arrow jpole for repeaters and packet (one on each mast)

MA5B CushCraft 5 Band for HF

2m ground plane antenna dedicated for RMS Packet host with radio and computer in the basement.

4BTV ground mounted (last picture)

Below you can see my oldest son doing all the dirty work… This is a trench, with coax in it going to the HF vertical Hustler 4BTV. It’s about 2 feet away from the tree, so it’s not perfect but it’s the best place for it in my yard. I have also put down a ridiculous amount of radials in that yard. Works well enough, but its a bit more noisy than the beam, however in some cases its nice to have both options.