TNC Stuff

TNCs in todays world have an interesting place in Ham Radio. With the internet, wifi, cell phones etc, it’s no longer the “messaging and mail message transport” tool we used to use.

“Recently” I have used TNC to build an ax.25 connection with IP over the top on 2m FM to provide a data link between my house and a remote solar powered radio station. The remote station was in a utility trailer, in a storage yard ~10 miles from home. I had a beaglebone black, solar panels, batteries and a backup cell IP/VPN link.

Currently I have a dedicated TNC/radio and computer set up for RMS Winlink traffic station where other Hams can connect to transfer traffic.

I also have a TNC connected to the “shack” computer where I connect HF or VHF using RMS winlink. About once a week or so. Else I don’t do much with a TNC.


Below is an SCS PTC-II. These and other SCS tncs are great units.